What We Do


We specialize in monosex fingerlings for tilapia, ornamental fish & catfish. We use high quality brooders that result in faster growth.
We have high quality and fast growing YY mono-sex tilapia fingerlings achieved by cross-breeding YY male tilapia brooders with natural females (XX) resulting to hormonal free fingerlings.
We also produce high quality fingerlings that are hardy and fast growing by cross-breeding Indonesian catfish strain that is fast growing with the local African strain that is hardy

Crop Husbandry

Our firm works hand in hand with farmers to improve yield, maximise production and thus reducing wastage.
We analyse soil sample results which helps us better understand how to improve your harvests.
We also provide Agronomical support to link farmers to suppliers and markets. This in turn creates value for the farmer.
Our team is always on hand to listen to your challenges and offer their expertise.

Animal Husbandry

Our firm specializes in providing consultancy services on livestock and poultry.
Most diseases can be prevented through good husbandry practices and proper screening of incoming animals
We train & advice farmers on modern livestock rearing and husbandry practices.
Our clients are both small scale & large scale farmers.
Livestock farming includes sheep, dairy, pig & goat farming

Training & other services

We carry out tailor-made training for farmers, employees & management of farmer organizations, community based projects, in the fields of agriculture and livestock production; including the aspects of agronomy, animal husbandry, environmental conservation, processing, packaging, marketing, planning and institutional management techniques.

We offer specialized services in project planning and implementation. We also specialize in monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects

We offer specialized service in the fields of farm planning, especially in mixed farming in smallholder agriculture. Further our firm provides training in aspects of farm management, for both large and small-scale farmers.

Our firm specializes in impact assessment studies, thereby providing our clients with the necessary tools and information to make the right decisions regarding either completed or ongoing projects/programs.

Our firm has retained fully registered and approved environmental auditors and assessors. In this respect, we undertake environment impact assessment and audit studies (EIAs) for our clients as required by NEMA, and follow up to ensure the client gets the necessary certification.

We also carry out studies on all environmental conservation aspects related to farming and agro-business as a whole.

Our firm carries out baseline surveys, and feasibility studies for our clients in the field of agro-business, livestock production and marketing .After analyzing the data gathered under various studies, the firm compiles the necessary reports as required by the clients and submits them within the set deadlines.

The firm also undertakes studies on carbon sequencing projects, and all other aspects of agro-forestry

The firm specializes in capacity building for organized farmers groups, associations, cooperative societies and other institutions dealing in commercial production, processing and marketing of coffee, tea, horticultural crops, livestock and food crops.

The firm promotes the development of businesses through provision of technical and managerial services to upcoming entrepreneurs in the field of agri-business

In conformity with certification requirements by various consumers in the world, commodity suppliers are required to conform to some established standards. In this respect the firm undertakes studies in gap analysis of the supply chain with a view to advising the clients/suppliers on requirements for various certification standards, e.g. café-practices; utz-cafe; fare trade; rain forest etc

The agricultural sector requires financial resources to prosper. In view of this, the firm undertakes training and advisory services to entrepreneurs on sourcing financial services available in the market. The firm’s services covers bookkeeping, accounting, project financial proposals, insurance and auditing.